Wheelchair thug mowed down OAPs and drove off


A man who knocked a 90-year-old woman down with his electric wheelchair has been found guilty of ABH (Actual Bodily Harm).

Aaron Ali, 40, was in Wickham Lane, Welling, on Thursday, June 14 when he reversed his electric wheelchair into two pensioners, aged 90 and 85, who were waiting at the bus stop.

Both women were knocked to the ground and the Poplar Place resident then drove off, Southwark Crown Court heard. Detective Constable Iain Hill, of Bexley CID, said: “Ali used a means in aiding movement as a weapon, injuring two vulnerable people in this despicable act showing no remorse for his actions.”

The police inspected CCTV from a nearby shop and identified Ali on Monday, June 18.

He was arrested and taken to Plumstead police station where a small amount of cannabis was found on him.

He pushed a police laptop onto the floor in a fit of rage while he was being interviewed by detectives, in custody. As a result, Ali was with possession of a Class-B drug and one count of criminal damage.

He pleaded guilty to both counts. DC Hill said: “He showed a blatant disregard for the welfare of the women he injured with his electric wheelchair.

After hitting them, he drove off in attempt to avoid the consequences of his actions.

“Even after being arrested by police, Ali acted in an aggressive manner towards police and caused damage to a detective’s laptop after he lost his temper and threw it on the floor.”

Ali was found not guilty of assaulting another man in a separate offence on Tuesday, January 2 on Woolwich High Street.

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