What’s On: The Thinking Drinkers: Heroes of Hooch

After sell-out Edinburgh shows and national tours, two “alco-demic” adventurers are performing at Leicester Square Theatre on December 10.

Armed with their catchphrase “Drink Less, Drink Better”, The Thinking Drinkers raise a glass to the heroic men and women who have cunningly used alcohol to inspire them to achieve some truly great things – artists, adventurers, astronomers, musicians, magicians, conquerors, can-can dancers, pirates, painters, politicians, thinkers, theorists, scientists, sportsmen, visionaries and more.

You will laugh a lot, you will learn a lot and you will get five free drinks, too.

The Thinking Drinkers are award-winning drinks writers and comedy performers Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham.

They have regularly written about drink for a host of newspapers and magazines and as authorities on all aspects of alcohol, The Thinking Drinkers regularly appear on radio and television promoting their “Drink Less, Drink Better” message.

Having met in their 20s while working on a leading pub magazine, Ben and Tom left for America where they co-wrote the award-winning Good Beer Guide West Coast USA.

Since then, the dynamic drinking duo have written and performed critically acclaimed sell-out runs at both the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and venues in London’s West End for the past nine years.

Together they have written seven acclaimed books, including the award-winning The Thinking Drinkers: An Enlightened Imbibers Guide to Alcohol – inspired by one of their previous Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows.

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