The London Dungeon’s Home of Halloween Hide & Seek show begins on October 5

The scary season is upon us and one of London’s most gruesome attractions will provide an immersive experience of one of London’s scariest characters.

The London Dungeon’s Home of Halloween Hide & Seek show begins on October 5 and explores the infamous Jack the Ripper story.

Guests will be immersed in Jack the Ripper’s twisted tale as they travel back through one of the darkest periods in London’s history.

The chilling Halloween show will transport guests to the streets of Whitechapel as they learn for themselves the cost of Jack the Ripper’s violence

The theme won’t stop there, as visitors to the London Dungeon will also experience the behaviour of the press who gleaned every gruesome detail in order to get the scoop, as well as the sensationalists who twisted the stories to their own advantage.

Visitors will also hear from the Whitechapel Vigilance Society, made up of the ordinary people of Whitechapel who were so scared they took the law into their own hands to find the killer.

At the London Dungeon this Halloween, guests will have to venture past soulless skeletons, rat-infested cells and scenes of torture, cannibalism and bubonic plague.

Andrew Walker, general manager for The London Dungeon, said: “Halloween is the most thrilling time of the year for The London Dungeon, and this time we’re going bigger and better than ever before.

“We’ve decided to theme our Halloween show on Jack the Ripper this year – a story not for the faint-of-heart. It’s one you won’t forget, although you’re going to want to try.”

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