What’s On: Take a virtual trip to Brazil with the Xingu Village experience at the Horniman Museum

Visitors to the Horniman Museum and Gardens on December 15 and 16 will take a virtual trip to Brazil thanks to the Xingu Village experience.

Xingu Village uses augmented reality and video technologies to bring South London museum-goers face to face with some of the 800 indigenous Kuikuro people who live in Ipatse village, in the upper reaches of Brazil’s Xingu River.

They’ll see, hear and feel the stories the villagers want to tell about their everyday life, enter the spectacular houses the Kuikuro build for their families to live in, join in daily activities of fishing and cooking, and discover the unique language that inspires their music and dances.

Visitors will also find that, even in this remote village in the middle of the Amazon, technology has arrived and the Kuikuro are very connected with the outside world, either watching TV or on their phones.

The 30-minute immersive experience is the first of its kind, combining anthropological research with technology to bring to life in London a way of life from the other side of the globe.

Robert Storrie, Keeper of Anthropology at the Horniman Museum and Gardens, says: ‘Complementing our World Gallery which allows visitors to encounter different ways of living from around the world through displays of objects, sounds and images, Xingu Village takes us a step further into an experimental immersive encounter with the Kuikuro people’s everyday life.

Anthropology is the study of what it means to be human and this installation is the embodiment of our commitment to collaborative research.

The Horniman is delighted to host Xingu Village and provide our visitors with this unique and valuable experience.’