What’s On: Neil Oliver brings his UK tour to Bromley

Neil Oliver loves Britain and he’s going to tell you why!

Presenter of the TV series Coast Neil Oliver had added 30 Autumn dates to his massively successful theatre tour The Story of the British Isles in 100 Places.

Bromley will get the chance to share in his enthusiasm for British and Irish history this month.

He explains why we need to celebrate our countries in his own humorous and entertaining way.

The Scottish historian first took to the stage in 2018 with a 38-date tour that also celebrated the release of his book under the same name.

A new edition of his book was available from 29 October – again coinciding with his latest tour dates.

Mr Oliver said: “Everything makes more sense when you study history.

The more history you read, the less judgemental you become. All the things that are happening now have happened before.

“Countries reach a high point, and then they go through low points. That’s all explained by history.

Like everyone else, politicians can have a better understanding of what’s happening by appreciating that there are patterns in history.”

He was appointed President of the National Trust in Scotland in 2017 and is also known for his television series A History of Scotland and Vikings.

But he is arguably best-known for hit series Coast, which explored the beauty of every edge of the British Isles.

He said: “[I] fell in love all over again with the British Isles [whilst filming Coast]. From north to south, east to west it cradles astonishing beauty. The human story here is a million years old and counting.”

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