What’s On: Moon Festival, Greenwich

Moon Festival is a week-long cultural extravaganza which makes its debut in Greenwich this July with an out-of-this-world programme celebrating our relationship with the moon.

The festival will showcase an eclectic programme of art, music, politics, botany, astronomy and gastronomy – all seen through a lunar lens from July 19-26.

Special guests making an appearance at the festival are Margaret Atwood, author and space scientist, The Sky at Night presenter and self-confessed moon lunatic Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock and London’s night czar Amy Lamé.

Moon Festival creator Livia Filotico says she was inspired to produce the event after a vision of Londoners partying in the moonlight.

She said: “We come from different cultures, we have different ideals, different politics, but we all know what it feels like to raise our heads and look at a full moon.

“The moon allows us to use the Mayor’s words, remember that in London we don’t simply tolerate each other’s differences, we celebrate them.”

The opening night and weekend will see a street party and lunar market with moon- themed music, street art, astronomy, spoken word and food.

Later in the evening there will be a Midnight Moon Run (or walk) which is a bespoke theatrical all-night tour of Woolwich after which Margaret Atwood will be holding a discussion at the Maverick Women and The Moon event.

You can test your knowledge and relax under the stars on Sunday with a moon-themed pub quiz with references spanning pop culture to pop science and the added bonus of special lunar-themed cocktails.

From July 22-25, an exhibition called Lunation will be at Charlton House with commissioned portraits displayed alongside personal tales exploring the earth’s relationships with the moon.

The festival finishes with a closing party at the Queen’s House on July 26 with Youth Take Over, a unique party created by young producers.

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