What’s On: House Gospel Choir’s new single release Salvation on September 6th

House, gospel and garage group, House Gospel Choir, released their new single Salvation on September 6 and will be following up with a gig at Electric Brixton on December 19.

Salvation sees House Gospel Choir join forces with industrial Northern collective Adelphi Music Factory, perfectly merging the euphoric sound of the choir and the vibrancy of house music.

Natalie Maddix, House Gospel Choir’s founder said: “Salvation is such a beautiful song, now with that added Adelphi Music Factory magic I hope that everyone gets a chance to feel as uplifted as we did when we made it.

Salvation is a big room anthem for anyone that has ever had that feeling of being completely safe.

“When we played it for the first time at Glastonbury this year, we went into the crowd to finish the set the best way we know how – hands in the air, dancing without a care. Best enjoyed loud.”

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