What’s On coming up: Exhibition, Battersea Arts Centre from February 27th

An exhibition with living sculptures, experimental music, and the question of what it means to struggle will take place at the Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) from February 27 to March 14.

Combining physical theatre with visual art, video and live music, Belgian performer Thibault Delferiere pushes at the limits of experience with his exhibition, The Spirit.

Born with cerebral palsy, Delferiere has fashioned a unique and provocative performance style that pushes boundaries of both form and comfort.

Delferiere and director Jack McNamara create a visceral, provocative trio of performances.

A new part of the trio will be performed each week and you can see them individually or experience all three.

Director Jack McNamara said: “Thibault is an artist operating at the highest level of creative expression.

His work is entirely his, and unparalleled in any discipline. When he performs onstage, an energy is generated that is unlike anything I have experienced.

“Working together has been a dream for me, and has pushed me outside my usual zones.

“This run at Battersea Arts Centre will be an opportunity for this great artist to reach new creative heights and for audiences in London to experience an artist quite simply like no other.”

The Spirit is part of Going Global, Tarek Iskander’s first season as artistic director of Battersea Arts Centre, which brings together international performers and UK artists telling global stories.

All performances of The Spirit are relaxed, which at BAC means there is a relaxed attitude to noise and movement in the auditorium, a designated chill-out space is provided for guests who may need time away from the performance, and ear defenders are available for those with sensory sensitivities.

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