What’s On: Actor and activist Rich Watkins makes his debut at the King’s Head Theatre

The naughtiest musical parody around, which stars actor and writer Rich Watkins, makes its debut at the King’s Head Theatre from January 21 to February 8.

Follow Prince Henry, the only gay in the Kingdom Far Far Away, on his royal adventure to find true love, because if Disney won’t do a gay love story, you just have to do it yourself.

The show features reimagined Disney classics such as High Ho, O, I’ve Just Come Out to The King and Let It Show.

And the London run will coincide with the start of LGBT history month 2020, celebrating the past, present and future of queer culture.

Actor and activist Rich Watkins is no stranger to the London queer theatre community, having worked extensively at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Above The Stag and The King’s Head.

Happily Ever Poofter marks his debut as a writer.

When not on stage, he is an advocate for HIV awareness and was recently featured in BBC documentary That Moment When, speaking openly about living happily and healthily with HIV.

Rich Watkins says: “I’m really thrilled Happily Ever Poofter has had such a great reception so far, and I can’t wait to take the show to the King’s Head.

“I’ve always loved stories about magical kingdoms and the idea of a happily-ever-after, but as I got older, I realised most of them were traditional boy-meets-girl tales.

“That’s why I decided I’d write my own fairytale and tell the story of a gay prince who is on a quest to find his one true love.

“It feels incredibly fitting that I will be performing Happily Ever Poofter during LGBT History Month, and I look forward to sharing this story of pride and acceptance with audiences.”

Denholm Spurr said: “Rich’s brilliantly structured script has been a director’s dream-come-true.

“I’ve focused on the emotional journey and overarching message of the piece, ensuring that the pantomime tropes lull the audience into a false sense of security.

“It may have all the comedic moments you’d expect in a pantomime, but as audiences at Edinburgh discovered, this is much more than just a flamboyant and whimsical fairytale.”

Happily Ever Poofter is sponsored by Wandsworth Oasis, a South London HIV charity.

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