Weekly cribbage on the cards at primary school

A weekly cribbage group has been added to the curriculum at a primary school

The group, at Charlton Manor Primary School, in Indus Road, Charlton, is being run by former newspaper journalist Peter Cordwell who got the idea after playing the game against his builder and it reminded him what a great game and how enjoyable it was.

“It struck me that it would be great to teach it to kids because of the numeracy and concentration involved, and even the dexterity of using a crib board,” explained Peter Cordwell.

He suggested the idea to headteacher Tim Baker who got the point straight away and said how good it was for families to get back to playing cards together around the kitchen table – not just crib but other card games.

“It then struck us both that it would be great for the school team to play adults, especially older people who might have learned the game as children 50 or 60 years ago,” said Mr Cordwell, who was taught the game by his father.

Headteacher Tim Baker said he sees saw cards as a welcome alternative to mobile phones and computer games, and that people could talk and relate while playing cards.

To find out more, visit www.charltonmanorprimary.co.uk

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