‘We must end this crisis in care now’ demands daughter of dementia sufferer in Lewisham


The daughter of a dementia patient who was previously assigned a string of inept carers is demanding more funding for people with complex conditions.

Enomwoyi Damali, from Ladywell in Lewisham, is at the forefront of a campaign encouraging an informative debate on social care reform.

Ms Damali is also taking part in a photographic exhibition which highlights the financial burden faced by people living with dementia.

Ms Damali said: “My mum, Pearl, was diagnosed with dementia in 2014. She was first cared for by my brother, but after four years this became too difficult for him to manage.

When I applied for a social care assessment, I was hoping for financial help to adapt my home so mum could safely stay with my family.

“After seven months of waiting I put my foot down when mum ended up in the hospital.

“Our savings were disappearing fast. For just two hours of care each day, we pay £570 a month for private carers.

“The previous carers, sourced by the local council, would not even say hello to my mum and I would have to explain her needs repeatedly.

“Why are we having to pay this much for care when mum has a medical condition?”

The Alzheimer’s Society, the UK’s leading dementia charity, found that people had spent £15 billion of their own money on social care since the promise of reform in 2017.

The charity believes the money should be taken from the so far unallocated £3.5bn funding pot for community care attached to the NHS Long-Term Plan.

Jackie Swapp, Alzheimer’s Society area manager for South London, said: “Thousands of people across the region are facing financial punishment, just because they happened to develop dementia and not some other disease.

“The evidence of the gross inequity continues to pile up, and yet still the Government does nothing.

“We need an immediate cash injection through a dedicated Dementia Fund, while the Government works out a long-term solution to finally end this crisis in care.

“Since the announcement of the social care Green Paper in March 2017, there have been six delays to its release.

“With diagnosis rates of dementia at an all-time high, action can’t come soon enough.”

One thought on “‘We must end this crisis in care now’ demands daughter of dementia sufferer in Lewisham

  • 25th July 2019 at 3:19 pm

    2 years ago I injured my legs in an accident.I live in Ladywell,Lewisham Hospital sent a carer to help me,4 times a day.but they couldn’t help me into a wheelchair so I could have a shower.The carers were very helpful but their arms were tied no time or not allowed to do certain things they could not do. I had them for 2 weeks.The physio bought in a machine to help me walk or stand.It was called a cricketer,it was huge took most of my bedroom up. I told my GP. He told me to send it back.! Which I did,so she asked me was I going to use it,I replied No.so the physio said if you don’t want the machine,you don’t need us.Walked out never to hear from them again. I still can’t walk 3 years later. I am sorry to hear about your Mum but that unfortunately Lewisham council if you don’t do what they say they walk out and leave you high and dry.


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