Vital to use Vyta to get fit


Joshua Ashley, 23, from Victoria, has created VYTA – the app that allows you to book a high-quality personal trainer (PT), yoga instructor or boxing coach straight to your doorstep within a few hours.

The app has already welcomed a plethora of top quality fitness trainers, currently available across London zones 1-3.

Ashley said: “As a busy Londoner fitting in a training session can be difficult and I was tired of packed gyms and studios where I didn’t feel comfortable working out and that’s the reason why I created Vyta.”

Unlike other fitness trainer apps, clients are able to track their trainers in the app, 30 minutes before a session is due to start, so they can see when they are en-route, making it easier to find one another, so customers are able to maximise their precious time.

With Vyta, clients can request a trainer to come to their house, local park or place of work, which replaces the cost of expensive gym memberships, giving clients the option of working out in a place close to them, where they feel comfortable, safe and secure.

He said: “We are transforming the trainer-client relationship and putting the customer in charge.

“As a result, fewer sessions are cancelled and more people achieve their fitness goals.

“We aim to allow customers to book their favourite trainer to the place and time that suits them, in as little time as an hour, all within a few taps of their phone.”

Vyta clients will be assisted by the app’s dedicated support team, who will care for them throughout their training programme.

The team will know and understand the needs of the client as much as the trainer. This is a benefit to the client, for example when their preferred trainer is unavailable, the support team can refer another trainer, so the client doesn’t have to break up their routine.

Training and yoga sessions start from just £26 per session, when bought as a pack, which simply means that the client buys multiple sessions at the same time, to be used over the next 90 days.

Individual sessions can be purchased for a fixed price of £50 but to make things fun and cheaper, clients are encouraged to invite up to two friends to join the session, for an additional £10 and then split the total cost, making it only £20 each.

Clients can also refer a friend to Vyta, who will get their first session for free and the referrer will get £20 off their next session.

Trainers who join the app are put through a rigorious interview and induction process – their performance is reviewed quarterly to reassure customers that they’re getting the best training in the capital.

The company launched its Vyta Olympic Day event on Saturday, February 17 at The Foundry, Vauxhall, which saw GB Olympians host a series of events for members of the public to take part in, with a total of £3,000 worth of prizes available and the winner receiving a £1,000 Selfridges gift card.

This is part of Vyta’s special promotion that will allow you to book a training session with GB Olympians being featured as Vyta trainers within the app.

Vyta is also very proudly associated with the Apple & Pears charity, who help primary schoolchildren and their families in London as well as the Evening Standard’s Feed a Hungry Child, which the company recently pledged £2,000 to.

Booking a session couldn’t be simpler or quicker:

1) Simply download Vyta from the Apple App Store or Google Play (available on IOS and Android)
2) Create a profile and enter the promo code WELLNESS  to receive £20 off your first session.
3) Choose from a Personal Training, Yoga or Boxing session.
4) Select the time and place of your session.
5) Choose which trainer you would like. Press confirm and you will receive a response from your trainer in under 90 minutes.

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