Tim Cahill: Don’t think I haven’t done my homework on Millwall return

Tim Cahill has made it clear that he has done his “homework” on a return to Millwall – and why he feels that his return to South London will be a success.

The 38-year-old is hoping that a successful end to the Championship campaign with the Lions will earn his place in Australia’s World Cup squad this summer.

And while Cahill was a box-to-box midfielder during his first highly successful spell with Millwall, he has played in a forward role for Everton and his national team.

“The gaffer [David Moyes] moved me up front and I banged in a few goals – we did really well,” said Cahill. “The key is understanding the players around you.

“The team here at Millwall is something like third in the league for creating chances. Don’t think I haven’t done my homework – how much they cross the ball and play with two out-and-out strikers. That’s exciting.

“I only want to be in the final third or around the 18-yard box and being a nuisance.

“I’ve spoke to Moro [Steve Morison]. He’s the club captain. I’ve said ‘anything you need – I’m here to help’. He’s got 13 assists and two goals. I know everything about them. I’ve watched videos. I know pretty much about the players – Sav, Jed, fergie, Mezza and Hutch. I know everything about every single player because I love football.”

Cahill believes he needed the test of the Championship to boost his hopes of going to a fourth World Cup finals with the Socceroos. He left Melbourne City in early December.

“The A-League is not the Championship. I’m not being disrespectful, just honest. Training in the A-League, you are going through the motions. I’ve just been to the training ground today – 10 v 11. I was with the 10, up front by myself – running, getting a touch of the ball, physical – that’s what I want. That is priceless at my age, training with that sort of group.”