Three ex-Charlton Athletic directors have say over their outstanding loans on club


Three former Charlton directors – Derek Chappell, Bob Whitehand and David Sumners – have spelled out the situation surrounding the outstanding loans due to them.

A total of £7million is owed to the seven ex-directors which is payable should the Addicks reach the Premier League.

Current owner Roland Duchatelet did not resolve the historic debt when he bought the club in 2014.

It has been suggested more than once before that interested parties do not see why they should be the ones to pay off the sum.

Duchatelet claimed at the end of last week that one of the potential bidders wanted to complete quickly on a deal but added: “They want to solve the issue of the ex-directors loans first, which I can understand but may take time.

“In this respect I would like to thank Richard Murray, Sir Maurice Hatter, David White and David Hughes for their co-operation during this process.”

But Chappell, Whitehand and Summers, owed more than £2.5m, released a statement via Voice of the Valley fanzine.

It said:  “There has been much speculation in the press – and incorrect statements made – about the outstanding loans due to us (and others) which are secured over certain club assets.

“To be clear, we have been consistent in our position in that, having been accommodating on the last two changes of ownership, our charges remain over the club assets until our loans are repaid in full.

“We are neither in any position to block any sale of the club (and would not want to) nor to resist the repayment of our loans (and the subsequent lifting of the charges).

“The position is – and has been made – clear to the current owners and the speculation is an unnecessary distraction.

“We do not anticipate having to add to the above statement as we hope you agree it’s very clear and reasonable. Thank you.”

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