Theatre: The Bee In Me, Unicorn Theatre, London Bridge

A stage production that follows the day in the life of a child – a particularly difficult day when they have to face a series of challenges – will run at The Unicorn Theatre in London Bridge.

From January 31 – February 6, The Bee In Me frames a day in the life of a 10 year-old from their perspective as they imagine themselves as a bee completing levels in a computer game.

Following the tradition and language of fairy tales and popular children’s fiction, where a child has to face danger alone, the play touches on themes of poverty, neglect, bullying, and keeping safe from strangers.

The set and sound will create the aesthetic of the game; with colourful lights and the sound design building each moment of play and the sense of achievement.

One unexpected way that the child in the performance finds their way through the challenges is by transforming into a bee. A bee that can escape, and attack.

The play’s creators say the bee symbolises freedom, possibility and the power of the child’s imagination.

Three actors perform as the storyteller to take the audience on the child’s journey in this vivid, dynamic and moving play that touches on the challenges of urban life for a neglected child.

The Bee In Me is written by one of Germany’s most exciting contemporary playwrights and is directed by award-winning director, Rachel Bagshaw.

Full of joy, warmth and sorrow, this dreamlike and kaleidoscopic play celebrates a child discovering their inner resources – resilience, determination and ingenuity – and perfectly expresses the power of
the imagination.

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