The Wimbledon Common Nature Club holds sessions for children exploring nature at Wimbledon Common

The Wimbledon Common Nature Club, supported by the London Wildlife Trust, met for a session on how to make Natural Paint Brushes on Sunday.

The children and their families went exploring on Wimbledon Common to pick up natural materials to make their paintings with.

They found sticks, feathers, ferns, leaves, grasses, fir cones, wild flowers, bark and blackberries.

Also while searching they discovered the yellow flowered plant Ragwort, which can be used for dyeing, covered in Cinnabar moth caterpillars.

The children noticed how colourful they are with their black and gold stripes.

The Wimbledon Common Nature Club

When they got back to the information centre they tied their natural
materials to sticks with twine, dipping them into paint, some of it from crushed blackberries.

They were ably assisted by club assistants, Alexander Mallett, 12 years old and Max Johnston, 10 years old.

Auriel Glanville, club leader, said: “The children were so creative making their pictures from the natural world found on Wimbledon Common, taking home with them a lovely memory of a happy morning spent on the common.”

The next session will be on Sunday, September 1 “MINI DEN BUILDING” for creatures and for yourself.

They meet at 10am and it runs until noon.; Newcomers meet by 9.50am to register at the Information Centre, Wimbledon Common.

For children aged six to 14 year olds. £2.00 for the session.

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