The Chinbrook Dog Show celebrates its 7th year

The Chinbrook Dog Show takes place this Sunday six years after it was first formed.

Established in 2012 as a small experimental community project to organise and administer a dog show and family fun day within Chinbrook Meadows, it was deliberately kept low key in order to gauge interest, if any, from the community.

Now in its seventh year, the show, in Chinbrook Meadows, Grove Park, has evolved from just a dog Show into a carnival for all the family.

Most of the vendors from last year are returning, along with some new ones.

The dog show times are as follows:

11am: Best Costume
11.30am: Kennel Club Puppy & Kennel Club Any Variety Veteran
(puppies must be aged between six and 12 months, Veterans aged over seven years)
Noon: Kennel Club Companion Noon: (approx) Carnival Parade enters the Showground
1pm: Best Rescue (must be rescued within the past 12 months)
2pm: Talent show
3.30pm: Prettiest Princess & Handsome Prince
5pm: Best In Show (only for the winners of the above classes)
5pm: Talent show results
5pm: Winner of the ChART Garden & Balcony Competition)

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