Thames Barrier to carry out its annual full tide test closure September 29

The Thames Barrier, which protects 125 square km of London from tidal flooding, is to carry out its annual full tide test closure on Sunday, September 29.

The Thames Barrier is built across a 520 metre stretch of river and its annual test
closure offers visitors the chance to see how it works and meet the teams who operate it and protect London from flooding.

Andy Batchelor, Thames Barrier operations manager, said: “The barrier is quite a spectacle and the annual test closure makes an interesting visit for all the family.

“The Thames Barrier View Café and Information Centre will be open all day with guides giving regular talks and providing a running commentary and interviews with staff who work at the Thames Barrier on the riverfront via our PA system, while you
take in the spectacular views of the barrier in action.”

During the test closure, the Thames Barrier gates rotate 90 degrees into the fully closed defence position, stopping the tide from going into London.

As the tide continues to rise, a higher level of water will build up downstream of the Barrier creating different water levels on either side of the gates.

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