Talk of the town street art: Tizer’s Mural in Brixton


A mural reflecting the diversity and spirit of a neighbourhood has been erected as a leaving present from a bar.

The Johnnie Walker  highball bar had a summer residency at Pop Brixton and will close at the end of September – but not before leaving the market with an artistic present.

Local Brixton street artist Tizer created the 6.5ftx13ft mural to showcase the nature of Brixton and those who live there.

This latest mural is part of a deeply embedded tradition of artistic expression through graffiti and street art in the area.

Brixton is famous for its multi-ethnic community. Its history is rich with a passionate community at its core, all of which is showcased in Tizer’s latest design.

The finished mural was gifted to the local charity, Make Shift Foundation, in support of its community work helping young people into enterprises and employment.

Mural showcasing the nature of Brixton

Tizer said: “I was delighted to be chosen for this collaboration with Johnnie Walker highball and Pop Brixton.

As a South Londoner I love creating pieces that tie in with where I’ve grown up, and it’s easy to be inspired by the vibrant culture all around here in Brixton.”

James Leay, managing director of Pop Brixton, said: “We are very excited to have the incredibly talented Tizer paint this mural for Brixton and we loved having members of the public take a peek of this latest piece.

We are pleased to see this project support the great efforts of the MS Foundation which aims to widen access to enterprise and employment opportunities in the local community through the provision of training and by providing access to affordable events and working space at Pop Brixton.”

Bayo Obasaju, Make Shift Foundation Programme Lead, said: “Make Shift Foundation is absolutely committed to investing into the long-term future of communities through working with young people to help them realise their potential.

Young people in Brixton inherit a multi-layered and rich culture, we are continually inspired to see how they are able to channel and shape it to help them meet some of the challenges they face.”

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