Take a walk with dinosaurs

Get up close and personal with dinosaurs.

Visitors are invited to board a time machine which travels back 67 million years where they can encounter dinosaurs roaming the wild during a live-action theatrical adventure experience.

Dinosaurs In The Wild, run by the makers of BBC TV Walking with Dinosaurs, lasts 70 minutes and sees, among a myriad of other life-sized dinosaurs, a three-horned triceratops and predatory T-Rex roam free across the event.

Dinosaurs in the Wild reveal a female Alamosaurus

The prehistoric adventure runs until July and offers visitors a chance to interact with a life-size dinosaur heart, handle a T-Rex’s tooth, play with herbivore and carnivore dinosaur dung and watch a baby dinosaur hatch.

Producer Jill Bryant said: “It’s quite an amazing feeling to suddenly find yourself in the presence of a 70-tonne monster like T. Rex.

Dinosaurs in the Wild reveal a Pair of Quetzalcoatlus

“Our time-travellers go away truly believing they’ve been back in time.”

Journeying back to the Cretaceous period, creators of the experience have prioritised education and have been visited by schools.

The creators worked with palaeontologist Dr Darren Naish to ensure authenticity and scientific accuracy.

Dinosaurs in the Wild reveal a Tyrannosaurus and geyser

Since the debut of then film Jurassic Park, scientific investigation has progressed with the discovery that some extinct creatures had feathers which visitors are able to see for themselves in the show.

The venue is a 10-minute walk from Greenwich North Tube station on the Greenwich Peninsula. Tickets can booked at www.dinosaursinthewild.com

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