Students from St Dunstan’s College hold LGBT+ events at their school

St Dunstan’s College held its first ever LGBT+ week for senior students.

There were a variety of activities organised, including student-led assemblies, visiting speakers from LGBT charity Just Like Us and a rainbow-inspired non uniform day which raised money for the charity.

Mrs Jade McLellan, Head of Sixth Form at St Dunstan’s said: “This was a real student voice initiative.

Students felt passionately that this was a key event missing from the school calendar and so they put together a proposal for how they would like the week to run and presented it to the Senior Leadership Team.

“We wanted to make sure that everyone in the college is aware that our ethos in the school is one of acceptance, tolerance and support of everyone’s individuality.

We want students to feel that this is a safe space for those in the LGBT+ community.’

One of Mrs McLellan’s highlights was an exceptional student-led sixth form assembly on supporting those in the LGBT community, which she said was “heartfelt and sensitive.”

Y12 student Beth, said: ‘It is important to have an LGBT+ week at St Dunstan’s as it is important to celebrate the LGBT+ community as well as raising awareness of surrounding issues.

“One of the most memorable moments of the week for me was hearing the talk by two young people from the Just Like Us charity who shared their stories of coming out.”

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