Streatham pair win gold at British Ice Skating Championships

Rebecca Clarke and Theodore Alexander won gold at the British Ice Skating Championships in Sheffield.

The pair, both from Streatham, were competing in the advanced novice dance couples at Ice Sheffield.

Clarke, 16, and Alexander, 13, started skating together in the summer.

Alexander’s mother Karen said: “Both have skated at Streatham rink from the age of six and have competed with other partners with success, but formed a partnership in the summer when they both were between partners at the same time.

“Theo had taken time out to compete in Solo Ice Dance – where he won a silver medal, also at advanced novice level in June at the British Solo Ice Dance Championships.

“Rebecca was runner-up in the 2016 British Ice Skating Championships in advanced novice couples with her previous partner and has been basic novice solo champion a basic novice couples champion.

“Because of their age difference they were not initially obvious partners, but they work very well together. Both have plenty of time available to train – so watch this space.”

Streatham Ice Rink is a major centre for ice dance training and send couples and soloists to regionals, nationals and internationals all through the year.

The head coach is Diane Towler-Green MBE, who was a four-times national, european and world gold medalist from 1966 to 1969.

“The coaches are turning out some of the youngest successful ice dancers in the country,” said Karen.

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