Story reading for Black History Month


A parent and children group celebrated Black History Month with story-telling sessions and music.
Together with Charlton Triangle Homes, stay and play centre Springfield Parents and Children in Education (Space), put on the event for the pre-school children.

There was storytelling which involved many animals from Africa and the children and their parents had a wonderful time learning about these various animals.

The parents also enjoyed helping their children mimic the noises that these animals make.

Following the story telling the children enjoyed dressing up in bright clothes of various cultures while listening to music from around the world. This was followed by dancing and playing the many drums and shakers which were available.

As a way of celebrating Black History Month Charlton Triangle Homes gave every child who attended the crèche a story book which they can look at or read at home with their parents or carers.

Nigel Pearce, assistant director of Charlton Triangle Homes, said: “Each year we celebrate Black History Month and this year we have centred our celebrations on the young children,  their parents and carer’s at our recently opened stay and play centre. It is wonderful to celebrate our diverse community as one together. Learning about different cultures helps us all live a more full and rich life”.

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