Sixth-former’s waste pledge campaign

A sixth-former at James Allen’s Girls’ School in Dulwich wants people to join her global fight against waste next month.

Tilly Gratton, 18, has joined a new campaign to cut down on waste next month and now wants as many people as possible to take action.

She has brought together fellow young environmental champions in four continents for the No Waste November campaign.

In the next few weeks she will be spreading the message on social media.

Whether it’s reducing water use, avoiding single use plastic products or throwing away less food, Tilly wants everyone to pledge to do what they can to help.

For her part Tilly has pledged to only use naked cosmetics and drink from reusable cups.

Explaining why she feels so strongly this problem, Tilly said: “The unsustainable waste culture in the UK is something that is too often ignored.

“The amount of plastics that end up in landfill each day is terrifying and people aren’t aware of how, even when recycled, the masses stack up.

“It’s not just plastic that shows such worrying statistics, food, water and other waste is a horrendous problem.

“No Waste November aims to raise awareness of these issues and how people can take individual action as well as highlight the power we as consumers have.”

People can support the campaign by downloading a pledge card from Twitter or Facebook and posting a picture of their card with the hashtag #NWN2017.

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