She said YES!


It’s like the famous stiff-upper-lip movie Brief Encounter – but with a better outcome. Lisle Hunte first met girlfriend Shalisha Cumberbatch at Waterloo railway station 18 months ago, when they were set up by a mutual friend.

So he thought it was logical that he should get down on one knee there when he asked her to marry him. And the commuter passers-by all broke into a spontaneous round of applause when she said yes.

Staff at the station played Cupid by helping him make it a special moment – by putting Lisle’s message up on the screen.

It read: “Waterloo was where I met my best friend. It is here that I am proposing to my soul mate. Shalisha, will you marry me?”

The busy concourse burst into applause as Lisle, from Ilford, got down on one knee in front of the screen and asked for her hand in marriage on November 18.

Shalisha, from Abbey Wood, said: “When I saw the proposal on the board at Waterloo station I couldn’t believe it.

“It was so romantic and thoughtful. Waterloo station will always hold a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to marry my soul mate. Thank you to all at Network Rail and Waterloo station for helping to make my dreams come true.”

The couple are planning to marry in October 2019. Jason Murphy, station manager Network Rail, said: “It’s not a request that we get often, but we were delighted to help out Lisle and mark this special occasion for them.

“We’d all like to wish them a happy engagement and life together.”

Michael Pugh, customer experience manager at Waterloo for South Western Railway, said: “I was very happy to help out with the arrangements in any way I could when Lisle approached  me.

Lisle Hunte and Shalisha Cumberbatch

“We managed to put up the proposal message to Shalisha on the information board and luckily she said yes.”

On behalf of everyone at South Western Railway and, in particular, the Waterloo team, I’d like to wish them a very happy marriage and all the best for the future.”

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