Roland Duchatelet floats idea of asking EFL to buy Charlton Athletic


Roland Duchatelet has flagged up a madcap new idea for offloading Charlton Athletic – selling it to the EFL.

The Addicks owner’s latest proposal was mentioned at Wednesday night’s fans’ forum at The Valley.

Lieven De Turck, who is essentially in the UK for a few days each week to progress takeover negotiations, was at the meeting. They wanted to use supporters as a sounding board for the plan.

And Charlton Athletic have published an article today with their notes of the meeting: “LDT said that the previous day there had been an interview with RD on TalkSPORT and it was mentioned there would be a “proposal” to the Fans’ Forum. He explained it’s not a proposal but something the club wanted to ask the fans about.

“He said he has been trying to sell the club for more than a year and while a price is agreed with two parties because it hasn’t been sold he is looking to think outside the box at other options.

“He asked the Fans’ Forum what they would think about the EFL being offered to acquire the club. He said they would pass the EFL Fit and Proper Persons test, they understand the monthly losses as they have the financial figures of the club and they have the football know how to run it.

“The Fans’ Forum unanimously rejected the proposal saying it was unfeasible. They asked that Roland Duchatelet lower the asking price so that the club is sold.

“LDT said RD is willing to give the footballing side of the club away for free (£1 officially), this wouldn’t include the land (stadium and training ground). He said there is an issue with the ex-directors, as it would need a consensus with them as well.”

But Duchatelet’s idea has been met with derision by many Charlton supporters.

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