Lewisham pupils demand leaders switch to cleaner energy – politely

It is not exactly a climate strike walk-out yet – but Lewisham’s primary schoolchildren are politely asking for their buildings to stop burning the planet’s resources.
They are asking Mayor Damien Egan to switch their schools’ energy supply to 100 per cent renewable, clean energy, without nuclear.
Lewisham declared a climate emergency in February. About 10 per cent of the schools’ electricity currently comes from renewable energy sources and the majority is
from nuclear power.
Children from Beecroft Garden, Dalmain, Fairlawn, John Stainer, Rathfern and Stillness schools met the Mayor and the Young Mayor Adam Abdullah, on Sunday. The children delivered more than 30 letters and pictures, to explain why they urgently want a switch.

One thought on “Lewisham pupils demand leaders switch to cleaner energy – politely

  • 6th November 2019 at 9:50 am

    This is such a fantastic idea and well overdue – I am behind the kids completely. While we’re at it can we ask Lewisham to offer home owners more schemes to make solar panels more affordable in homes?


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