Police offer £20,000 reward for information on Jude Gayle killer

The family of a father who was knifed to death going to a corner shop to buy ketchup have urged witnesses to help police catch his killers.

The family of Jude Gayle – fatally stabbed in an alleyway as he returned to his mum’s house in West Norwood while cooking Sunday dinner – have issued a fresh appeal on the second anniversary of his death.

The Metropolitan Police are now offering a £20,000 reward for any information that leads to the prosecution of those responsible.

Jude Gayle

Doting father Jude, a personal trainer, was repeatedly stabbed on his way home on the Dunelm Estate on September 24 two years ago.

Jude’s partner Rachel Goodchild said: “Sunday 24th September started like any other Sunday but ended so far from anything I thought could ever happen to me.

That day Jude – my partner, my children’s father – got brutally murdered, leaving me his beloved daughter and unborn son to face life alone.

“Our daughter speaks daily of Jude, wanting, wishing and hoping her reality of her daddy no longer being with us is just a dream. She just can’t understand why he is no longer here with us – something I will have to face all over again as our son get older.

“Through the careless actions of others, I’ve been forced into bringing up our children alone and I owe it to them and to the memory of Jude to get justice.

“So I am pleading from the deepest part of me – please, if you, or anybody you know, has any information – no matter how big or small – please help with the ongoing investigation.

Jude in corner shop

We need new compelling evidence. Help us get justice for Jude.”

Jude’s mother, Pett Roach said: “The past two years have been very difficult for us.

I have just accepted that Jude will not be coming back from the shop.

He is gone. No one can bring him back. We are left to pick up the pieces and continue with our lives.

“All I can hope for and all I want is justice, no more, no less.

I want those responsible for killing my son, convicted and served the maximum penalty.” DCI Tim Wright, leading the investigation from the Specialist Crime Command, told PA: “I hope the chance that people may have had to reflect on things, they may have changed their position.

“I hope with this fresh appeal by the family, if they do have concerns they are able to come and talk to us and there are a number of measures we can offer if they do have any fears.”

Anyone with information about Mr Gayle’s death can contact the incident room on 0208 721 4961, via the police non-emergency number 101 or anonymously with Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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