Picturing a pavilion of delights for kids

BY TOBY PORTER toby@slpmedia.co.uk

A primary school is to get a pavilion that was once in grounds of the Dulwich Picture gallery.

The Dulwich Pavilion will be installed in the playground giving the kids a welcome shelter from the rain.

It was dismantled last week at the gallery where it was used in the summer for cultural events. It is now being stored until next summer when it will be rebuilt as a permanent outdoor space at the school in Tintagel Crescent, East Dulwich.

School chiefs have been talking with children and parents to improve the current playground area which lacks an outdoor, waterproof play area and outdoor learning space. Dulwich Picture Gallery decided the school would be an ideal candidate to receive the pavilion for community use.

The school will start raising funds for the reconstruction of the pavilion, which is due to be installed next summer.

Headteacher Simon Wattam said: “The pupils, staff and I are hugely excited about this project.

“It will give us a unique opportunity to involve the children in an exciting creative process and when it is in place the pavilion will change the use of the playground when it rains.

“It will also provide an inspiring all-weather outdoor teaching space in which children can learn. “We’re thrilled to be working with the Gallery to carry on the legacy of such a wonderful, community minded project.”

Al Scott, director of the pavilion designers IF_DO, said: “It was always our hope that the pavilion would be reused, and so we are excited that Goose Green School is providing a permanent home for the structure.”

Jennifer Scott, Sackler director of Dulwich Picture Gallery said: “The pavilion transformed our grounds over the summer providing us with much needed space to broaden our events, schools and community programme to a wider audience.”

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