Othello: Remixed, Omnibus Theatre in Clapham

Shakespeare’s classic tale of tragedy and revenge, Othello, is getting a new twist as the director blends language and modern day references with one of the bard’s most famous works.

Othello: Remixed transports Othello’s story to London, 2019.

Set in a boxing ring, championship boxer Othello has chosen Michael Cassio to be his corner man. Rejected, Iago consumed with jealousy plots Othello’s downfall.

Desdemona finds herself in the centre of their conflict which may or may not lead to a calamitous end.

Director Darren Raymond said: “Othello: Remixed presents the perfect opportunity for this play to be seen by a wider audience.

“Shakespeare has long been excluded from certain sections of society, but the issues he wrote about 400 years ago are just as relevant to many young people today: knife crime, rivalry, jealousy, friendship, love and hope.

“Showing ownership of these stories and hearing the iambic pentameter beat alongside the heart of London is so important and I hope, will be inspiring to many.”

The production company Intermission Theatre piloted Othello: Remixed in 2012 by Intermission’s youth arm.

The renowned organisation, which uses drama to engage young people from inner-city communities, young offender units and prisons, has a long-standing association with the RSC and Shakespeare’s Globe and its patron Sir Mark Rylance.

He said: “Darren’s vision and the work of Intermission has become synonymous with using Shakespeare to reveal the culture of youth growing up in London today.

“I am really excited by this restaging and hope that it will introduce new audiences to Shakespeare and the transformative power that his words still hold to this day.”

The play runs from June 25- July 14 at Omnibus Theatre in Clapham, and is a finalist in The Stage Awards at Fringe Theatre of the Year 2019.

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