ONS Data reveals Southwark women still worse off in workplace


Women in Southwark suffered the fifth highest gender pay gap across South London in 2017, with women earning a quarter less than their male counterparts.

Women were £9,728 less well off than men, yet Southwark earned the highest median gross annual wage in South London in 2017, according to research by finance expert Rangewell.

The ONS data revealed Southwark was ranked in sixth position out of 323 UK local authorities’ average gross earnings for 2017, earning £34,713.

The very next door Lambeth recorded the smallest gender pay gap in South London, with women earning on average £7,200 less than men.

Lambeth earned an annual average of £31,901 and was in 10th position out of all UK local authorities for gross annual income earned.

The largest gender pay gap in South London was in Bexley, where women were £13,516 less well-off than men in average earnings in 2017.

Women in Lewisham and Bromley were not far behind and suffered the second and third largest gender pay gap in South London respectively.

In Lewisham they were £12,641 worse off than their male counterparts, and in Bromley the difference was £10,731.

The study revealed a trend for a wider pay gap if the area earned a lower average of wages.

Bexley and Lewisham had the highest gender pay gaps they were on the lower end of the scale for average annual earnings in South London.

Rangewell’s findings were split by local authority, full-time employee, full-time male and full-time female worker.

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