On the button’s space adventure Jude Starbeam and the Shadow Planet, to the Albany

Nix and her little brother, Jude, dream of becoming space explorers when they grow up. One afternoon, in their bedroom, they’re on a mission to find the mythical Sunstar plant, when Jude falls, hits his head and is taken to hospital in a coma.

In his mind, he is sucked into a black hole and stranded on a mysterious shadow planet. When he wakes up, several weeks later, he must re-learn how to move and speak.

With Nix by his side, Jude slowly starts to recover, but the accident has changed their lives forever.

Jude Starbeam and the Shadow Planet
The Albany. Wednesday, February 20-22 from 11am and 2pm.
Tickets cost £7 to £24 family ticket. Ages 7+.

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