Comedian Eddie Kadi hosts Oliva Tweest: The AfroMusical UK in October

The first ever black comedian to headline the O2 arena is joining the Oliva Tweest: The AfroMusical UK tour in October.

Eddie Kadi has been confirmed to play the master of ceremonies known as the Baba Host.

Performing alongside his live band, the Baba Host has the power to influence the Oliva Tweest story in real time, and can subtly intervene in the story to gently nudge our protagonist Tobi in the right direction when he’s going left.

Eddie Kadi and his band will also provide the show with its musical influences and score the scenes, to set the tone for the rest of the story, and perhaps change the course of the musical.

Eddie Kadi was the first Black British comedian to headline the O2 Arena, and more recently, sold out the Hackney Empire for a two-night one-man show.

Oliva Tweest: The AfroMusical was created by Sky Academy Arts Scholarship recipient PureYinkz (Yinka Ayinde), and made its West End debut in 2013 as the first ever Afrobeats musical in the UK.

Since then, it has also had a sold-out short run at Hackney Empire in 2014, a one-off special at Lagos Theatre Festival in 2016, and a week-long development residency at The Barbican.

Eddie Kadi said: “I am really excited to be a part of this project.

“Yinka approached me a few years ago to be involved as a patron, someone who would give him advice and be an anchor to the industry, and that was always a pleasure.

“At some point, he wanted me to host the West End production, and with it being the first Afrobeats musical in the UK, I was excited to do it, that was amazing.

“We then moved on to a run at the Barbican, which I hosted again, and it has always been nice to be part of this journey.”

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