‘Of Our Own Making’ is a play following three characters fleeing the shores of Libya

A  journalist seeking their stories as part of a cynical narrative about the Syrian refugee crisis, and a boy neglected in real life and vulnerable online to those who would groom and exploit it.

Through the different characters, their back stories and agendas, it asks us to look at the complexities of someone’s life before judging them, and asks how responsible society is for creating the ‘monsters’ it fears.

Playwright Jonathan Brown said: “Of Our Own Making was originally about the refugee crisis, but after a while it transformed into a play about radicalisation, masculinity, the Iraq war, ISIS and Brexit.

“All the characters have complex stories and we’re asked to look past the easy and simplistic viewpoints that the press and the politicians use to manipulate the people, and see into the three-dimensional lives of both those we see in the headlines, and those writing the headlines.

“Once in full view, we can then ask ourselves what our own part is, in creating “monsters” such as ISIS, the refugee crisis itself, the tabloid press and those who become radicalised.”

Of Our Own Making is at the Tara Theatre, 356 Garratt Lane, Earlsfield, SW18 4ES.
It’s on from January 30 February 16. at 7.30pm, Wednesday and Saturday matinees 2.30pm.

Tickets cost £17.50, £13.50 concs, U25s £10.
Call 020 8333 4457.

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