Not enough flats are affordable…

A plan to build a 34-storey tower has been thrown out by London’s deputy mayor for housing, as it does not offer enough affordable housing units.

The Conington Road development in Lewisham, which is located in the former car park at the Tesco superstore beside Lewisham railway station, has been refused planning permission by the Greater London Authority deputy mayor Jules Pipe.

The development was set to provide 365 units, of which only 73 units were allocated as affordable and only 16 units in total were earmarked as social housing.

In a letter to Lewisham council’s planning department, Mr Pipe said: “I consider that the level of affordable housing has not been adequately justified and, as such, it has not been demonstrated that the scheme will deliver the maximum reasonable amount of affordable housing in accordance with extant development plan and other policy.

“I urge you to work with the applicant on a new scheme that optimises affordable housing delivery across the site.”

A spokeswoman from Lewisham council said: “Lewisham council is now preparing for the planning appeal which is to be heard in May. We are working with officials from the GLA to prepare the most effective case to defend the reasons for refusal.”

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