Nightclubber jailed for attacking woman outside venue


A night clubber who launched an attack on a woman outside a nightclub on New Year’s Eve has been sentenced to 32 months in prison.

Andrew Akingbaje, 24, of Lambeth, was seen by thousands on social media trying to beat up Eve Krystal Misson, a woman he had never met before, outside Lotus Bar in Clapham High Street.

He had already punched her repeatedly and dragged her along the ground by her hair in an earlier onslaught.

He was arrested hours after the video was published and pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm on January 31.

It was revealed after the case that this is not his first conviction for violence against a woman.

Ms Mission, his 21-year-old victim this time, said on Instagram hours after the attack how Akingbaje attacked her after she had a mild disagreement with another group of young women in the queue outside the club, before going in.

After they left the club, the student said: “The main girl, the one that had a problem with me from the beginning, then came out the club and started shouting and walking away. She wouldn’t talk to me properly.

“They got in the car and wound down the windows and started getting bad then, because they were in the car. I was asking ‘what’s your problem?’ I thought we could just sort it out.

“Then, out of the blue, this guy comes up to me and started saying ‘what did you say to my friend?’ and then punched me straight in the face.

“I fell after the first punch. And then he dragged me across the main road by my hair. It’s a good job this weave tied down.

“The bouncer saw us and automatically held me. I kept saying ‘get him, it’s him, get off me, why are you touching me?’ The guy meanwhile was taking off his watch, his bag and his coat and getting ready to fight me.

“That’s when you see the video start. He runs over, punches me and punches me and then runs off.

I honestly didn’t do anything to him.”

Prosecutor Alex Matthews said: “This was a sustained and violent attack. Akingbaje struck Krystal Misson in the face repeatedly, continuing to do so even when he had knocked her to the floor.

“He then fled the scene. “Akingbaje did not act in self-defence as he claimed. Ms
Misson was posing no threat to him and in fact she was being held by a street warden trying to protect her at the time of the second attack.

“Despite the obvious danger to her safety, a friend of Krystal’s, Tanya Matangaidze showed courage and filmed the incident. This was central to our prosecution and to this conviction.

“Akingbaje, who has previously served prison sentences for GBH against another woman and drugs offences, will now return to prison and serve a further term.”

Akingbaje was sentenced to 32 months in prison at Inner London Crown Court on Monday.

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