Mum pleads for a kidney at Christmas


A mother-of-three is appealing for a most precious gift this Christmas – a kidney to save her life.

Thirty-six-year-old Carly Anderson from Eltham, who is mother to three girls, Ellie, 14, Jessica, six and Billie, four, has suffered from Type 1 Diabetes since 1994.

Her condition has continued to deteriorate over the years and she has been close to death after suffering from a massive heart-attack. Now she’s pleading for a donor to come forward so she can have that life-saving transplant.

Carly said “It all started on September 19, 1994 when I was 13-years-old I had a bad headache for days so my mum took me to the hospital and to my surprise they told me I had Type1 Diabetes.

“My blood sugar level was 50 plus with very high ketones which is basically poison.

“However, I was okay for a few years until I had my first daughter Ellie. The pregnancy was absolute fine.

“However, after I gave birth I then got very ill and had to go back in to be rehydrated. I later felt very tired and then was diagnosed with under active thyroid.

“I was put on medication and was fine, until 2005 when I suffered a massive heart attack and was put into a coma for a few weeks.

“I recovered from that and bounced back and was  still was having chest pains.

“I didn’t think anything of it and fell pregnant in 2011, with my second child Jessica and thought everything was fine.

“But I wasn’t and ended up with deadly pre-eclampsia.

“Jessica was then born by emergency C section. “After Jessica was born I suffered really bad with very high blood pressure.

I later fell pregnant again with Billie in 2012, and she was born at 26 weeks. I ended up having a placenta bleed so they got her out via another emergency C section.

“I still didn’t feel well after having her and they ended up steralizing me as they said it would kill me to have anymore children. I was too fragile.

“For the last five-years, I’ve suffered with pains in my chest. I then had heart attack after heart attacks.

“I was taken into hospital and given an angiogram on my 35th birthday.

“I spent seven weeks in a critical care unit. I was then told I needed a triple heart bypass.

“When I came out of hospital I was contacted by the kidney team and after having millions of tests it was discovered my kidney function was dropping rapidly.

“I was later put on loads of medicine. My kidney function was 22 per cent. Then I got bitten by a deadly spider in my garden in August. The medicine they gave me to stop the poison spreading made my kidney function drop by eight per cent, so now my kidney function is 12 per cent and I am in desperate need of a kidney transplant.

“I’m asking all my family to be tested but so far I’ve got no match so I’m making an appeal to the public for donors please. “Please can anyone get tested for me because otherwise without a new kidney I’m going to die – anybody who think they can help please get in touch with me on Facebook.”

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