More than 5,200 people invest in AFC Wimbledon’s scheme to help build new Plough Lane stadium


AFC Wimbledon have revealed that more than 5,200 people have agreed to pay in to their crowdfunding scheme to help finance their return to Plough Lane.

The new stadium will be just 230 metres from their old home.

Wimbledon were hoping to raise £2million from the crowdfunding campaign. Those who have committed to invest have until 5pm on Friday to process their payments.

Dons chief executive Joe Palmer, told the club’s website: “This campaign has not only surpassed our wildest expectations – for which we can’t thank you enough – it’s also taught us one or two unforgettable things about our club and our supporters.

“First and foremost, it’s underlined what going home to Plough Lane truly means to each and every one of you.

“This campaign could never have been so successful had it not struck a chord with our fans.

“It’s abundantly clear that the pull of Plough Lane has never deserted our club. Everyone wants to go home and this proves it.

“Secondly, it’s highlighted how fortunate we are to be a fans’-owned club. We have some remarkable people behind the scenes – all of them true, lifelong supporters – and their input has steered us to where we are now.

“Finally, it’s shown me the depth of loyalty our fans have for AFC Wimbledon. One of the rewards we offered investors was the guarantee that their names would be inscribed on our new stadium.

“I cannot wait for that moment to arrive. I cannot wait to see those names. Whether you invested £10, or considerably more, your contribution has cemented our future and created a legacy for future generations.

“You have earned the right to have your name for ever written in the history of our wonderful club and I cannot thank you enough for your generous contributions.”


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