Millwall midfielder reveals he played through niggle of knee injury


Ryan Leonard has revealed he had been playing through a slight knee injury in recent weeks – but would never not put himself up for Millwall selection.

The Lions midfielder has had a fortnight to recharge his batteries before Saturday’s game at Leeds United.

“I’m all good now,” said Leonard. “I was struggling for a couple of weeks, to be fair. I was trying to get through training and games.

“I think it was just that we had a lot of games in a short space of time and a lot of travelling. But I’m 100 per cent ready to go.

“It’s frustrating playing with knocks but it is part of the game. You have to play through tackles and things like that. I’m never going to pull out unless I am told to pull out.

“I’m always going to try and train and play. Whether that helps me or not? Not always.”

Supporters and media do not always know that is the case when they review a player’s performance.

Leonard said: “Listen, that’s fair enough. The fans have their opinions and they are entitled to them. The support the football club.

“With knocks you do try and keep them quiet. You don’t want to say something and then get smashed in the first five minutes!”

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