Millwall goalkeeper target expresses desire to play abroad


Millwall manager Neil Harris says one of their goalkeeper targets looks set to move abroad.

The Lions chief told the South London Press last week that the Championship outfit were at an advanced stage with one of the shotstoppers they were looking to bring in.

Millwall have been interested in Ipswich keeper Bartosz Bialkowksi, although it is not clear at the moment if he is still one of the potential signing options.

But asked if the deal alluded to last week was any closer now, Harris replied: “No. Things are up and down all the time.

“We thought we were very close to a goalkeeper and getting it done – and then we were informed that he might want to go and play abroad.

“That was one we were very close on.

“It would’ve been a good coup for the club but it hasn’t materialised. That is the frustration and reality of it. As much as it does disappoint and does frustrate me, I’ve learned that is football. We have to accept that and move on to the next target.

“We have players we want and you move on to the next one, that’s not disrespectful to the players – it’s the business. In fairness to the players then they want to go to Manchester City first, then maybe to Chelsea, then maybe to Leicester and then maybe to Millwall.

“If a player is offered a huge contract in our game or abroad then we do understand it, because we can’t necessarily compete with that.

“I never shut the door on anything. But what I will say is that I like people to be committed to coming to us. When I meet players and their agents and they are committed – they know this club’s history – it excites me. They are the ones I really want.

“I understand some players have different personalities and they might show that passion on a Saturday afternoon, which is fine.

“The players who don’t commit to us, I don’t really want to revisit those.”

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