Millwall boss Neil Harris confirms bids made for two players


Millwall have made bids for two players since the  summer transfer window opened.

The Lions have already spelled out that they are only looking to fine-tune a squad which was in the Championship play-off mix before the penultimate fixture of the campaign.

“We’ve progressed a lot of talks in the last few weeks,” said Millwall manager Neil Harris. “Some have gone relatively positively and, as you’d expect, some have not been quite as clear cut and quick as we hoped.

“We’ve enquired about several players and we’ve made bids for two players already.

“Players-wise we are at that horrible time of the year, especially when we’ve just had the half-term period, that so many people are away. Not just players but also agents – and myself included.

“It becomes a little bit slower in terms of trying to communicate with people. We know that we’re looking at a very small turnover of players this summer – both in and out of the building – but ideally we will get our business done early.

“As much as it makes things quite simple in terms of the numbers we want it is not always that easy – even in terms of renegotiating contracts with players our end as we like to do it face to face. So when they aren’t in the country it makes that difficult.

“In football it is about having targets. You go after the number one and it is only when you know that is not going to happen that you move on to number two or three. Everyone, at the moment, is chasing their number one target.

“If you look there are very few Championship players who are moving clubs.

“As ever we try to keep our business as private as possible, just out of respect to the players we’re chasing and the clubs we are speaking to. If we bid for players and they are attached to a  club then privacy is of the utmost importance. We don’t want to alert other clubs to what we are doing.

“We are trying to improve the squad and the chairman has been fantastically supportive.”