Millwall boss Harris on the prospect of a Premier League 2


Millwall manager Neil Harris reckons a Premier League 2 will happen – but says the biggest challenge is preventing the financial gulf becoming a yawning chasm in the domestic football pyramid.

Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani recently called for the creation of a Premier League 2 to create more TV revenue for Championship sides.

Six of the Yorkshire side’s 12 games have been moved so they can be screened – with Sky selecting 19 of their 46 league matches for coverage in the 2017-18 campaign.

Clubs such as West Bromwich Albion, Stoke City and Swansea City received £75 million in parachute payments for two seasons if they cannot bounce back to the top flight.

Harris said: “One day it [a Premier League 2] will happen.

But who gets to govern that and bridge the gap between the Premier League and Football League is certainly not going to be straightforward.

“Do I think it will be soon? No, I don’t expect it.

“The Premier League is getting richer – that’s for all to see. Is that from TV revenue? Yeah. But it is also about foreign ownership.

“A Premier League 2 needs to try and distribute the wealth. Every year the divides get bigger.

The Premier League becomes richer, the Championship becomes richer – but the gulfs become bigger.”

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