Millwall boss Harris describes Wood’s challenge on Jordan Archer as “horrendous”


Millwall manager Neil Harris reckoned Richard Wood was lucky not to see red for what he described as a “two-footed” tackle on goalkeeper Jordan Archer.

The Rotherham captain was only cautioned for the offence. 

It sparked clashes between both sets of players in the penalty box. 

Harris said: “I’ve seen it back on the screen. I’ll comment on what I’ve seen, rather than seeing a second angle – and from what I’ve seen it as a horrendous challenge.

“The lad Wood jumps over Shaun Williams two-footed to challenge Jordan Archer. Whether the ball is loose or not is irrelevant – the challenge is a nasty challenge.

“The referee has seen the challenge and thinks the ball is there to be won. If he sees the challenge and gives a card for a foul it has to be a red one.

“That can change things completely with 20 or 25 minutes to go.

“You could see the reaction of the players.

“It was a big call by the referee. 

“It wasn’t an easy game for the referee and linesmen to deal with, because of the amount of stoppages.”

Rotherham manager Paul Warne said: “Sincerely, if my player did something wrong I’d say he should be sent off.

“But it’s Woody – the most honest player I have got. He would head through a brick wall for the team. He has gone for it [the ball].

“Everyone over-reacts. I didn’t see any players encouraging the referee to do anything crazy. We had communication with the fourth official to the ref and he said there was nothing there.

“It’s just normal footballers’ egos getting involved. If [he laters sees] it is a red card then I’ll apologised.”

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