Millwall boss: Good possibility we will break club transfer record this window


Neil Harris reckons there is a “good possibility” that Millwall will break their transfer record again this summer.

The Lions’ record had stood for 30 years before last August’s signing of Tom Bradshaw from Barnsley. And they paid more than seven figures the same month to bring in Ryan Leonard, pictured, from Sheffield United.

Harris, when asked if they could exceed the Leonard fee in this transfer window, said: “There is a really good possibility. We’ve set the tone of what we need to do to compete at this level.

“You can either move forward by having a model a bit like Preston and Brentford have got – where they do spend transfer fees but don’t pay as high wages as a lot of other clubs – or you can go the free transfer market and put the money on to the wages.

“We’re probably a little bit in the middle. We broke our transfer record twice last year and I wouldn’t be surprised to see us do it again this window. We are certainly looking at players that go above the fees we paid for Tom Bradshaw and Ryan Leonard. Whether we can get the players or they are 100 per cent available? Until it is confirmed, you don’t know.”

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