Middle age is great, says life coach

A life coach is calling on older single women to make the most of later life through a new book.

Carrie Brooks, a 58-year-old Plumstead resident, has written a book called Minx Up Your Life! after she saw so many women at her age feeling like their best years were behind them.

The book discusses issues around sex, dating and relationships for women over 45 and introduces the idea of beliefs and core values, and how they affect women’s everyday attitude and behaviour.

Carrie, who lives with her 23-year-old son in Durham Rise, said: “I have been writing blogs for years now and have always enjoyed writing.

Minx Up Your Life! is a response to the common theme I kept seeing in my older women clients, which is the belief that they’ve missed the boat both relationship and career wise and that it’s all too late.

“The trigger to actually write the book was an article I read which claimed that women in their 50s were invisible and had nothing left to offer.

This fired me up to write a book which proves the exact opposite and, in fact, that 45+ is a really great time for a woman if she would only choose to see it this way.”

Ms Brooks has been a life coach for several years.

She said: “The reason many women see themselves as passed it when they reach their 50s and beyond is because they are buying into the ageist belief that as a woman you are only attractive and of worth if you are young.

“Each stage of a woman’s life has many possibilities and opportunities, the secret is to focus on what each stage has to offer and above all get out there and enjoy life to the full.”