Man kills his parents because they were “ruining his dog’s health”


A man who killed his mother and father because they were “ruining his dog’s health” has pleaded guilty to murder.

Sergey Koudriavstev, 48, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey on Thursday.

Both his mother, Tatiana, 68 and his father, Vladimir Koudriavstev, 69, were found stabbed to death at their flat in Adair Tower, Appleford Road, north Kensington.

Both were from Russia but had lived in the UK for many years.

The court heard how on Thursday, May 23 at around 6.30am, a man telephoned Surrey Police and stated he had called to “surrender himself for murder”.

He went on to explain that he had killed two family members at a flat in Adair Tower.

He said he was making the call from Chiddingfold, Godalming, Surrey.

Surrey officers attended and found Koudriavstev sitting on a bench in a churchyard area, and they arrested him for murder.

As a result of that information, Met officers went to Adair Tower and forced entry. Inside they discovered the bodies of Tatiana and Vladimir.

A post-mortem examination for the pair took place on May 25 and gave the cause of death as stab wounds.

Koudriavstev was initially taken to Croydon Custody Centre where he admitted the killings in an interview.

Detectives from Specialist Crime South (Homicide) conducted the investigation.

He told officers he had moved into his parents’ home some three years ago, bringing his Neapolitan mastiff, called Enzo, with him, but as Enzo got older, his health deteriorated and he felt his parents were exacerbating the problem.

He said they would open windows in the flat and create draughts, which he felt was making his dog poorly.

On the day of the murder, he told police he had argued with his parents and then decided to kill them. He then carried out the fatal stabbing of both parents.

He left the flat with Enzo, who he dropped off at a veterinary surgery. The dog was later re-homed through an animal charity.

Koudriavstev was charged with two counts of murder on May 24.

He appeared in custody at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on May 25 and was remanded to appear at the Old Bailey.

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