Maddox Gallery presents Fuzzy Futures, the debut exhibition by Sebastian Chaumeton

Maddox Gallery presents Fuzzy Futures, the debut solo exhibition by Sebastian Chaumeton.

With a nostalgia for the past and an eye to the future, Sebastian Chaumeton’s work is a representation of his generation.

Blurring the boundaries of identity, his canvas paintings give order to the overload of information that come through our screens on a daily basis.

Attempting to make sense of the world we live in, each of Chaumeton’s paintings provide commentary on ideas ranging from meme culture, politics, art history, data misuse, social media and materialism.

Fuzzy Futures is a double entendre on the texture of Chaumeton’s work; from the inclusion of muppet and puppet characters to the fuzziness of a partially downloaded photo.

Comprised of 15 paintings, seven sculptures and video installation, Chaumeton’s multi-layered works are engrained with his interest in art history; with compositional elements hinting at other famous paintings from the likes of Matisse’s Dance and Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

In the exhibition, nostalgic characters from Chaumeton’s childhood such as Kermit the Frog, the Cookie Monster and the Teletubbies all float around in a nondescript void.

Charged with contemporary social commentary, the characters and composition take on a new meaning.

On display at Maddox Gallery Shepherd Market in Mayfair – which has doubled up as Chaumeton’s studio for the past three months – the exhibition will run until November 5.

A limited-edition print, part of an edition of 50 and signed by Chaumeton, who lives and works in Brixton, will be available to purchase on the opening night.

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