Looking for a good school? Dulwich Village rated Outstanding by Ofsted in survey

Parents looking for good schools will find a better choice south of the river, which beats London’s most pricey areas, writes Matt Farmer.

Dulwich Village has the best choice of schools rated Outstanding by Ofsted across all of London.

The runners-up are Richmond and Knightsbridge, according to the study by Confused.com which compared school quality and house prices across the country.

Homes in SE21 cost almost a third as much in Knightsbridge with an average cost of £570,000.

The postcode has six schools and five are rated Outstanding by the schools’ watchdog, making the area the best value for money for getting into good schools.

The area, owned by the Dulwich Estate, has seen prices rise to be more than 11 times what they were in 1995 – the highest rise in the world, and much of it is believed to be down to school demand.

The survey also found that across all of London, the best value for school quality can be found in Thamesmead, SE28.

Schools in the area are better than average but notably low house prices make the most attractive combination in the capital. The redevelopment of Nine Elms means a higher cost will soon be attached to the SW8 postcode, where on average £870,000 will get parents of schoolchildren a 1.57 Ofsted grade.

The area has the fastest-rising rates in Britain, which could rise faster when the Northern line extension is finished.

The study also found that moving from a London postcode with a Good Ofsted grade to an Outstanding one would cost an extra £40,000 on average.

Living near Outstanding schools in London costs £640,000 on average.

The average price of somewhere to live in South London is now 223 per cent of the British average, at £710,000.

Across Britain, the best schooling for money came in Darlington and Teesside.

The schools in Teesside are exactly the British average of 1.9, but cheaper housing means better value schools.

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