Lloyd an active fan of programme

Lloyd, aged 59 from Balham has been with the service since March 2017

He said: “I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and started treatment in July 2016.

“I finished in December 2016 and since then things have been up and down.

“Getting over fatigue was a huge issue and I still have episodes of tiredness and illness.

“The whole experience made me evaluate my life and taking care of my own health is now a priority.

“I have two daughters and two grandsons and I want to be as active as possible for them.

“Once my treatment was over I was really motivated to get back into fitness as I knew it would help me get my energy levels back.

“However, getting back into fitness was a big mental challenge. I gained weight after my treatment and my confidence was low.

“During the session you meet people with all types of cancers. It’s great to talk to people with similar experiences but it also made me realise that everyone is affected differently and you have to do things within your own limits. I always feel better after each session.

“I am now back at work, although it has been difficult I feel that my energy levels have increased and I can now work for longer without being wiped out.

“I know that being active, even if it’s only a little bit each week has helped increase my energy.

“It’s great that the Move More service is able help people increase their confidence.

“I think most people feel overwhelmed but everyone one has to start somewhere.”

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