Lions manager makes FFP claim as he discusses Championship spending in January


Gary Rowett reckons the effects of Financial Fair Play impacted on Championship spending last month.

Millwall have always spent sensibly and are not at any risk of sanctions from the EFL.

But that doesn’t apply to a number of other clubs in the division.

Rowett said: “I think people tried to build it up as more than that, but it was always going to be a fairly quiet window.

“FFP [Financial Fair Play] has bitten hard for quite a few teams. You’ve got quite a few teams still in the division who have spent quite a bit of money over the past two or three years to get them back in the Premier League.

“It was always going to be difficult for some of those clubs to buy players.

“That’s why in some ways I wasn’t concerned a Championship club was going to come in and bid a lot of money for our players. It was mainly going to be a Premier League club, and we know that isn’t easy to do from the Championship anyway.

“I felt this window would be the quietest one for a while, and it was. There were a few loans, a few sold a player and got one or two in. But there wasn’t a lot that happened, was there?”

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